Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians is committed to not only providing excellent service, but also top notch education to customers. With that being said, many of our customers have recently been asking us how to configure their HVAC system to save more money on their electric bills, and we’ve got answers. HVAC zoning or mini split systems may be the solution depending on the size of the home.

Proper system sizing is another way people can save money with HVAC zoning. Too often people install HVAC systems that are either too large or too small, which is problematic.

When an HVAC system is too large for your home, it will short cycle. This means the system will cool the house quickly, but it will turn on and offer several more times than necessary through out the day, causing the electric bill to skyrocket.

An HVAC system that is too small for the home will end up using more energy than necessary trying to keep you at your desired comfort level. A system that is too small may run without stopping and not even be able to keep you comfortable in extreme temperatures.

HVAC zoning and mini split systems involve having more than one thermostat and HVAC unit being utilized by a home or office. Some systems even utilize motion detectors, which power on or power off the system in each zone as people enter or exit a room. With a zoned system, people may run air or heat to certain rooms only when those rooms are occupied, saving the user money each month.

The mini split system gives people maximum comfort customization as it allows the user to create different temperature zones for each part of the home or office. Zoning also increases efficiency, saving the user money in the long run. For example, cooling or heating all rooms in a home with equal energy usage is similar to turning on all the lights in each bedroom when light is needed only in a couple rooms. It’s wasteful.

Call Del Rio electricians for a home inspection, and we’ll give you suggestions on HVAC system sizing, zoning and mini split system configurations. We can help you find the most efficient way to maintain your comfort level. Call us today – We look forward to saving you money in the near future!

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