Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation in Del Rio, TX

Trust your next ceiling fan installation to Del Rio electricians!One easy way to save money any time of year is with the help of a ceiling fan. With an efficient ceiling fan installation, air flow can better circulate and aid in keeping temperatures cool or help warm up a room depending on your setting choice. Your heating and cooling unit, as well as your wallet, will thank you.

Before Your Ceiling Fan Purchase:

Before purchasing or installing a new ceiling fan, it is important to be sure your selection will be a good fit for the room you’ll be installing it in.

Fans vary in size, and usually measure anywhere from 24 to 84 inches wide. Follow these guidelines to make sure you select the right size for your room:

Measure the height of the room from floor to ceiling. A lower ceiling height may present risk and require additional effort to ensure safe installation. Ideally, a typical room with a ceiling fan have at least eight-foot ceilings.

Be aware of the total circumference of the ceiling fan when purchasing, as there needs to be at least 18 inches from the fan blades to surrounding objects.

A 30-inch ceiling fan is usually recommended if the room you will be installing the ceiling fan is on the smaller side (8’ x 10’).

For a medium sized room (12’ x 12’), 42-inch ceiling fans are recommended.

If the room you will be installing a ceiling fan in is larger (18’ x 20’) a 52-inch ceiling fan is recommended.

Avoid DIY Ceiling Fan InstallationAvoid a DIY ceiling fan installation with Del Rio electricians!

Avoid unnecessary safety hazards that can occur with a do-it-yourself installation. Ceiling fans can be very heavy, so it is important that a ceiling fan installation is completed by a professional electrician. When you call a Del Rio Electrician to complete a ceiling fan installation, you have peace of mind knowing that the equipment is properly wired, as well as securely and correctly anchored to rafters. Our electricians will ensure that all safety precautions are met, such as checking that your home has the correct wiring to accommodate your new ceiling fan’s voltage to avoid costly and dangerous electrical surges.

Del Rio is your trusted air conditioning repair service.For more information about how our licensed electricians at Del Rio can help with your ceiling fan installation or repair, contact or call us (830) 469-3221!