Insulation is more important than you know. It helps cut costs on the electric bill and will help keep a home comfortable. Everyone knows cooling a home in Del Rio can be costly, and insulation works to reduce your electric bill by increasing air conditioning system efficiency. Conditioned air tries to escape to the outside in warmer months. Insulation helps keep that from happening, but only when it’s installed properly.

Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians gets lots of calls from customers, asking why their electric bills are so high. Often, this has to do with a poorly insulated living space. Correctly installed insulation will maintain its R-value for a long time. R-value is the capability of insulation materials to combat air flow, so as R-value goes up, insulation power increases. R-30 is the current building code minimum for insulation, which changes from zone to zone.

Today’s Del Rio Air Conditioning blog discusses the best attic insulation that will ensure a cool home and help lower your electric bill. Most people either have fiberglass or cellulose in their home’s attic. Fiberglass is extremely popular because it is affordable and effective. It comes manufactured as pre-cut rolls or in blown-in loose fill form. The pre-cut rolls have pre-made R-values that range from R-8 all the way to R-40 while the loose fill may be blown-in to meet any desired R-value.

Del Rio Air Conditioning & Electricians Del Rio has tips for insulating to increase air conditioning system efficiency.

Cellulose is probably the second most popular insulation choice. It is made up of plant fibers and shredded newspapers. Many people choose cellulose over fiber glass due to it being the greener choice. It’s environmentally friendly since it’s made up of recycled materials. There are four varieties to choose from: stabilized cellulose, dry cellulose, spray-applied cellulose and low dust cellulose. The R-value per inch for cellulose is pretty much the same as fiberglass.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which type of insulation you choose, whether it’s fiberglass or cellulose, as long as the contractor does a great job with the installation. The quality of the job will determine whether or not your home controls air loss, and has the correct amount of R-value to effectively insulate your home. The team at Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians will evaluate your insulation and help make your air conditioning system as efficient as possible. Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians in Del Rio, Texas, offers air conditioning repair, heating repair, heat pump service, air handler service, thermostat service, indoor air quality service and duct cleaning service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We have served the people of Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Uvalde, Comstock and Brackettville for more than 30 years. Call us today at (830) 469-3221 to schedule an appointment.