A good rule of thumb is to replace HVAC air filters once a month. Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians cannot stress this enough because our team sees the negative effects of unchanged air filters on the job more than we would like to. There are several benefits that come with regularly changing HVAC air filters. Some of these benefits include air conditioning system efficiency, system longevity and healthier indoor air quality.

Does a more affordable electrical bill sound good to you? How about a more efficient HVAC system? Good news—you can achieve both by changing HVAC air filters every month. When a dirty air filter is left inside the HVAC system, the increased blockage of air, caused by dirt and grime, will make your air conditioning system work harder to cool the space. Increased running times will lead to a higher electric bill. Save yourself money, and be more comfortable by changing HVAC filters every month.

One of the most obvious benefits that come from regularly changing HVAC air filters is system longevity. System longevity means an HVAC system working correctly for an extended period of time without any breakdowns. Accumulated dirt and dust can cause a higher risk of HVAC system failure. By simply replacing HVAC filters monthly you can decrease the chances of this happening, which could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

A clean HVAC air filter allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently, and also filters more allergens and dust particles that can cause health problems. Insulating a homes interior air from the outside presents the real problem of indoor air pollution. Keeping air filters clean and changing them regularly ensures that you will be breathing a better quality of indoor air. Clean air filters also leaves less dust floating around in your home, which means less time cleaning surfaces.

By regularly changing HVAC air filters, you can make a difference. Taking 10 minutes out of your day once a month to do this may extend the life of your HVAC system, help you save money on your electric bill and improve your indoor air quality. Change your HVAC air filters regularly. You will end up thanking yourself in the long run for listening to Del Rio Air Condition and Heating’s advice.

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