Home Heating Safety

As winter returns, the temperatures once again plummet. It’s time to bundle up, settle into a nest of blankets, and crank up the heat in your home! Since constantly running a home heating system can be expensive, you might look to space heaters as a cost-effective supplement for smaller spaces. Be careful, because space heaters do come with a few risks – space heaters cause 32% of home heating fires and 80% of home heating fire deaths. But don’t worry! By following these few simple space heater safety rules, your home can stay toasty warm and safe!!

Check for certifications!Del Rio home heating thermostat

Always use a space heater that has been nationally recognized in a testing lab. Search for space heaters with good reviews. Using unsafe units can lead to poor ventilation and carbon monoxide problems.

Keep home heating level and low.

Set your space heater on a level, non-flammable surface in a low-traffic area. To prevent injuries or to prevent heaters from being knocked over, keep your heaters away from children or pets. Some heaters are equipped with safety switches, which
automatically shut off a unit if it tips over, but this doesn’t protect against a unit that may already be extremely hot.

Follow the three-foot rule.

According to the three-foot rule, a space heater should never be placed within three feet of anything flammable. Pay special attention to objects such as curtains, blankets, or rugs nearby!

Don’t leave it running.

Never leave your space heater running when you leave the house. The unit could short circuit, overheat, or be knocked over by a wandering pet when you aren’t around to help. Instead of allowing the risk for fire, turn your space heater off and unplug it whenever you have to go.

Don’t overextend yourself.

Avoid using an extension cord with your space heater – plug your unit directly into an outlet – three feet away from flammable objects of course! If there is no other option and an extension cord is absolutely necessary, choose a short, heavy-duty cord. Be sure to examine your space heater’s cord from time to time, checking for any frayed, worn, or damaged wires.

Keep in mind that simply replacing your central heating system with space heaters may not be the best way to save money. According to the Department of Energy, space heaters “can be less expensive to use if you only want to heat one room or supplement inadequate heating in one room.” When used beyond one or two small areas in a home or business, space heaters can actually greatly increase home heating costs. If you find yourself needing to use space heaters frequently, your central heating system could be ineffective. Give us a call atDel Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians so we can evaluate your home heating system!

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