We all know the old saying “Everything is bigger in Texas” – and the weather is no exception!

After a cold Texas winter comes the season we all look forward to – spring. But let’s be honest, spring in our beloved state starts busting off into triple digit heat much sooner than we’d all like. With soaring temperatures, it’s impossible to even stomach the thought of turning off your air conditioner, which means you can count on receiving higher energy bills for the next four to five months.

Del Rio Air Conditioning Spring AC Service TipsDel Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians is providing these energy-saving air conditioning tips to help you conserve energy and lower your utility bill.

Heat up at night. When the sun sets and temperatures go down, your home does not need to consume the same amount of energy to keep your home cool. One or two hours before you go to bed, turn down your cooling unit, so it runs less while you are asleep.    

Double check those windows and doors! During the spring, it is enticing to throw open your windows and invite an outside breeze into your home. Fresh air is good for a house and beneficial to your health, but make sure you keep an eye on those open windows. If you accidentally leave your windows or doors open, you could be endangering your home and family.

Add “re-arrange the furniture” to your spring cleaning list. Your furniture could be obstructing your air conditioning vents, or even worse, you could be using unnecessary energy to cool the back of your recliner or bottom of your couch. Give your room a new look, save some money, and enjoy the chill.

Schedule an annual tune-up and cleaning. The periodic maintenance and inspection of your air conditioning equipment ensure that it is operating efficiently, which helps keep your family more comfortable. Scheduled maintenance also decreases the likelihood of unexpected equipment failures when the summer heat starts rising.

Enjoy these air conditioning tips, then contact Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians for the best HVAC service in the Del Rio area and make sure your air conditioning system is ready for a long summer season.

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