Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

The temperature is rising, and you head to the air conditioner to activate it. With the touch of a button, the system comes on. However, the forced air isn’t as cool as it used to be. It feels more like a fan than conditioned air. If you’re encountering this issue, take a moment to understand why your air conditioner isn’t working properly. A simple fix may be all that’s necessary.

Check the Thermostat

A common reason for an air conditioner not cooling is a malfunctioning thermostat. Take a look at your control panel. It might be set on “fan” or the desired temperature is set at a high number. Verify these simple fixes first. If your thermostat looks physically broken, such as wiring being damaged, contact a professional for help. The wiring may need replacement or repair along with a complete system checkup. Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians can install or fix air conditioner thermostats, and they will calibrate your HVAC system so that it’s performing as efficiently as possible.

Pull out the Filter

Your indoor, HVAC unit has a filter hidden within its housing. This part captures most of the particles entering the system. It’s meant to keep dust out of the moving parts so that only clean air escapes from the vents after conditioning. These filters become clogged over time, and a clogged filter alone can cause your system to break down. Replacing or cleaning the filter will work wonders for any air conditioner not cooling.

Charge up the Refrigerant

A liquid called refrigerant moves between your indoor and outdoor units. It essentially transfers heat to the exterior while allowing cool air to be created indoors. Older systems may run low on refrigerant, which leads to a malfunctioning system. Professionals must be called out for this service because certain pressures must be maintained within the system. By charging the refrigerant, your system can efficiently transfer the heat and generate the cool breezes found indoors.

Look for the Fan

A large fan resides in the outdoor unit, which forces hot air away from the system. Go outside, and you might hear a humming sound emanating from it. Turn off the system and call the professionals. Your fan might be stuck, or it’s lost power. A large, electronic component called a capacitor may have broken down. By replacing this part, the fan can spin and move air efficiently once again.

Consider Sizing Issues

It’s possible that your system wasn’t properly sized as it was originally installed. Allow the professionals to evaluate the system compared to your living space. A new unit might be necessary to adequately cool the interior. In addition, the system may need extra ducting to support more rooms. Balancing out the pathways, system-power output and house size is the job of the HVAC experts.
An air conditioner not cooling is a repair job for the professionals. Contact Del Rio Air Conditioning and Electricians today, so that you can feel the comfort of conditioned air once again. They can evaluate, test and fix your system as quickly as possible.

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