Have you ever tried to find reliable AC repair in Del Rio only to be confronted with dozens of other terms for AC repair? Beyond the common AC repair term, customers and professional technicians alike seem to use numerous other terms to refer to the same thing.

AC repair turns into A/C repair, which is also referred to as air condition repair, HVAC repair, air conditioning repair, and central air. So what’s with all of the different names?

AC or A/C?

When it comes to determining what is the most accurate way to refer to an AC repair, there really is no right answer. The terms have become so interchangeable in our vernacular, that either one will work sufficiently.

The broken down version of AC is, of course, air conditioning. And from there it can be slightly modified to “air-conditioning” or “airconditioning,”which is a very common misspelling.

The more technical term for the above is HVAC. Surprisingly, many people are not as comfortable using this term when referring to their AC units. When looking for AC repair in Del Rio, we rarely hear customers reference an HVAC system.

So What is HVAC?

HVAC is the all-encompassing system of heating, ventilating and air conditioning. In today’s modern systems, the functions are often combined into one. Therefore, if you hear the term HVAC repair, that is still in line with the overall service of air conditioning repair.

Rest assured, whichever term you choose to use to refer to your air conditioning system, Del Rio will be able to understand exactly what you’re talking about!

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