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Picking an air conditioning system, much like buying a car, can be an ordeal. Between listening to sales pitches from salesmen, and trying to sort out which is the best model, it just gets confusing. You will never have to worry about this happening with One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Del Rio. When you’re ready for air conditioning repair or air conditioning installation, we talk with you first to assess your needs. We’ll ask how big your home is, what you are looking for in an air conditioning system and what your budget looks like. After we gather that information we’ll give you suggestions and help you through the process. We offer several different types of systems and some of the best brands on the market. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Del Rio offers these systems:

  • Central Air
  • Room Units
  • Mini Split System / Zoning
  • Evaporative Systems

A central air conditioning system cools an entire home by pushing air via vents throughout the home. It allows you to work with a programmable thermostat to determine which times during the day temperatures in the house will rise or fall, which helps you keep electric bill costs down. Central air conditioning is also a great option if you have allergies since these systems filter the air, providing cleaner air to breathe. Since the system keeps circulating air while also filtering it, you breathe in less dust particles than if you had a window unit installed instead. Window units also have some advantages. These systems are installed in either windows or wall holes. If placed correctly, they can cool more than one room. Smaller units can cool areas from 100 to 300 square feet while bigger window units can cool up to 650 square feet. This is a good option for someone with a small space or someone who isn’t ready to invest in a more expensive system. Another option is the mini split system. The main advantages of the mini split system air conditioner are the size and flexibility of the system. These systems do a good job of heating and cooling individual rooms in certain spaces, and they are unique due to the fact that a main outdoor unit powers separate units inside a home. These units do not have to be installed close to a window. Another benefit of mini split system air conditioning, is lower noise level from the main power unit being placed outside. For people who live in dry climates, the evaporative system may be the way to go. These systems are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and are low maintenance. Normally they don’t need repaired very often and when they do, the repair costs are low due to the simple technology that powers them. The main purpose of any air conditioning system is to provide and maintain your comfort. If you are not satisfied with your current air conditioning system, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Del Rio can help. When you’re ready to discuss air conditioning systems with our team, call us at (830) 469-1019. We’re always here for you and ready to help!

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